The fearless owner and leader of our Trim Tribe! Melissa’s routines reflect the very heart of the business she has built – genuine passion, purpose, attention to detail, and a touch of ghetto rap! As a firm believer in the science behind the Lagree Method, Melissa consistently provides opportunities to experience time under tension, slow controlled movements, and routines that will leave your muscles shaking for days. Her Frenchie Bobby may even make an appearance in her classes from time to time.


Looking to “drop it like it’s hot” while you squat!? You may just find some of your favorite throwback 90s jams while you sweat and shake during Kelly’s thoughtfully designed routines. With a caring heart, genuine nature and a big smile on her face, her eye for form keeps you safe while challenging you in each and every single class!


With four years of teaching Lagree Fitness under her belt, Kimberly has mastered the art of fostering your inner “badass!” Loud music and passionate instruction are sure to be found in her classes as her instructional inspiration comes from her own personal practice on the Megaformer. Kimberly believes form is everything and often provides a hands-on approach to help you achieve what you never thought you could. Be prepared to sweat and shake in her classes!


“It’s all about the beat” – Natalie not only strives to provide a new and energetic playlist for every class but also values creating a welcoming environment each time you walk through the door!With a background in Occupational Therapy and having practiced the Lagree Method for over 5 years, Natalie is attentive to form and proper body mechanics. Whether it’s your first time in class or you’re a fitness fanatic, Natalie’s flowing routines guarantee a great shake on the Megaformer!


Heard the phrase YOLO (“you only live once”)? Well you haven’t lived until you’ve taken one of Jennifer’s classes! Her routines reflect her high energy personality and guarantee an uncontrollable shake, a booty-burn, and gangsta’ rap – the Jennifer trifecta! With 4 years as a certified Lagree Fitness Instructor, Jennifer’s classes are designed for fast paced transitions and dish out a challenge that is sure to change you in the best way possible!


S-L-O-W is the name of the game in Catherine’s classes as she faithfully pushes you to your limit with her dynamic routines.Don’t be fooled by her sweet smile and welcoming demeanor – she knows how to bring the heat! Pausing you inch-by-inch along the way, Catherine’s goal is to encourage and guide you to muscle fatigue in each and every move. Along with her Lagree Fitness Certification, Catherine utilizes her background and education from her 200-hour Yoga training and NASM Personal Training to ensure your form is on point!


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