Please create an online profile with us, so we can better serve you! Current email address, phone and address are important, so we can communicate with you about class openings and special offers.


In order to book a session, you must first purchase a session. Once you have sessions in your account, you may then begin making your reservations online.



Our schedule is conveniently live online and the next months schedule is posted on the 20th of each month. Pick your class and commit to your schedule!




In order to best serve you, it is mandatory that your arrive to your first class 10 minutes before class. This will give your instructor time to show you the machine. If you are unable to arrive 10 min. before your first session, please let us know and we will reschedule you for a later date.


Please arrive on time for class. If you are running late to class, please call (949)491-1929 to let us know to hold your spot. If you are late to class without contacting the studio, your space can be given to a standby student. 


To receive a full refund for a cancellation of a reservation, you must cancel your reservation 12 hours before your class. You are able to cancel your reservation in the following ways:

Log into your account and click in to your schedule, then click cancel next to the class that you wish to cancel. Phone and Email Cancellations must also be received at least 12 hours before the class to avoid cancellation fee.

Early Cancel: You can cancel your reservation by logging into our live online scheduler and canceling your session at least 12 hours prior to your scheduled class time. Your pre-paid session will then remain in your account for the next time you would like to schedule a class.

Late cancel: Classes not cancelled 12 hours before your scheduled class will be charged a late cancel fee of $15.

No Show: If you do not late cancel within 2 hours of class or do not show , you will be charged a no show fee of $25

A valid credit card must be kept on file for all clients. Cancellation charges will be processed the day after the canceled or missed class. Prepaid classes can not be used towards cancellations. Your prepaid class will be added back to your account and can be rescheduled within 30 days.


Class full? Sign up for the waitlist and as clients cancel their reservation, you will be emailed that you have been added to the class! Make sure you have opted in to receive these e-mails. Think of the waitlist as actually signing up, we assume you would like to attend every class that you waitlist, so be sure to check your status on the waitlist as class time approaches. The waitlist will add you to the class in the 12-hour cancelation window up to 1 hour before class. If you are no longer interested in taking a waitlisted class, please be sure to remove yourself from the waitlist to avoid being added in the cancelation window.


All clients are required to wear grip socks during Lagree Method Classes and Athletic Shoes during VersaClimber Classes. Grip socks available for purchase at the studio.